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When ordering a Magic Gadgets™ product, customization is easy… Just follow these steps!

STEP 1: Choose a category (Lighting Effects, Dimmers, DC Products or Accessories)

STEP 2: Choose a product

Step 3: Select a Wattage (2kW, 6kW, 12kW, 24kW)

EXAMPLE: Our standard 2,000 Watt products are 125VAC, Panel Mounted, 5-15P/R (Edison connectors)

STEP 4: Select an Input Voltage (125VAC, 240VAC)

STEP 5: Choose a connection type (Panel Mounted or Wire “Pigtails”)

STEP 6: View the Connectors list PDF, and decide what type of connector you need or want.

STEP 7: Select desired quantity & add to Cart!