All our products have been and always will be hand made in the USA, which we have been doing since 1973. Back then we built very few mainly for personal use, but then something happened; people started asking where they could get those gadgets. Not long after, we decided to start packing up the magic and shipping it all over from New York to New Zealand. We have come a long way since then, our look has changed and we’ve grown, but our focus on quality will never change!

Each gadget that leaves our shop is made to withstand the rigors of everyday use, to give you the absolute maximum return on your investment. Our Technicians fully test every unit for assured reliability every time.

Designed as a standalone option & used by anyone from demanding pros, to self-proclaimed DIY lighting techs! Control light without scrims, diffusion, or other tedious methods. All products feature simple design that’s easy to use & effective! We back all this talk up with Lifetime Warranty (against manufacturing defects).

Magic Gadgets firelight effects and dimming equipment is used in many of the motion picture, television & stage shows today; so chances are if you’ve seen realistic firelight effects on film, television or stage, Magic Gadgets was there.

While many other manufacturers tout quality we really mean it; our units are compact, lightweight & made using high quality components.


What’s the big deal…It’s just a flicker…dimmer… thingy! Well, we use some of the best parts on the market not sacrificing quality. Our main goal is to give industry professionals gear that will work without question. We’re always coming up with NEW ideas, some of them work & some don’t. One thing is certain; you can always rely on Magic Gadgets to provide hard working equipment that’s not only functional, they look good too!

High strength Aluminum was selected over Steel because of its natural ability to shed excess heat quickly and, the weight to strength ratio is fantastic especially when you’re hauling gear all day. Oh, and that wrinkle finish paint. It not only looks great it’s also functional. The wrinkle powder coat is hard and cuts down on reflected light.

The most important set of parts is the power path. Many other designs out there skimp in this area, using sub-standard power components and cheap thin wire. We use the best! From industrial grade connectors, 40 Amp output power device (that’s nearly double the rating!), to the #10 gauge high temp wire, right down to the best compression terminals you can get; we mean business and THAT is not only good for the industry it’s GREAT for you!

We’re set on providing you with the absolute best most durable portable lighting equipment in the world…at Magic Gadgets you really do get what you pay for!