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  1. Cassandra Mulcahy

    I’m running two lights off two separate channels on the Shadowmaker and was hoping to use the lightning effect, however I want the effect to be in sync across both lights (rather than having them alternate high and lows). Is this a possibility?
    Thank you!

    1. mg-admin


      The Shadowmaker is intended to have different effects on each channel, the only way to have a single channel lightning effect (on the Shadowmaker) is to hook up both lights on one channel or use our 6kW Flicker 2Digital.

  2. Justin Lovell

    Hey guys!

    These look great. Just need something simple for a few led fiilex lights. Do you have a model that works with leds? Do you have any in Toronto?

    Our shoot is on Friday and would love to try them out before the shoot.


    Justin Lovell
    Assoc CSC Cinematographer

    1. mg-admin


      Most LED fixtures use a AC>DC power supply, so AC dimmers usually don’t work. If the fixtures run off of ac like florescent replacement tubes then, yes all our dimmers will work on ‘dimmable’ loads.


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