Have you looked at our NEW website!? It is up and running, feel free to check it out. With our new website our goal is to give you, (our fantastic customers) the option to purchase our products from home, or after hours while you are away from the office. We understand that you will forget stuff at work because of hectic schedules, meetings and our demanding industry. We have each of our products set up with our most current product options. Are you needing mini stage pins panel mounted to a Shadowmaker? No problemo! Maybe you want some pigtail wires with a Edison 5-15 on one side of a 2k quick dimmer with a open wire on the opposite end...no problem!! We can usually whip out anything, if you do not see it on our website, call us! We do custom jobs for every customer, from the set of Grimm(filmed here in our own back yard of Oregon) to the out of this world space agency Nasa. We have you covered with the absolute best products in the industry, nothing to feel blue about here. So go on and check it out! ...

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