Here you will find a collection of Images and Videos, that will help you understand a little bit more about what we do and how it all works!

ICG (International Cinematographers Guild) online article about the 2015 CineGear Expo; check it out here:

Information sheets

2015 Ordering Guide


Check out this YouTube post from DP Cammon Randle on set, showing a Magic Gadgets Flicker Generator in action. Thank You!


In this video we have Jem Schofield, demonstrating the operation of our Flicker/Dimmer. Thanks Jem!


Here is a message we received from Jim Ledoux, DP for the Pittsburgh Pirates Opening day video:

I’m not sure if you remember the dialogue we were having back in January
regarding the specific effect we were trying to pull off for the
Pirates….Bernie at Midwest provided some samples and the Magic Gadget unit
for our test shoot….here is a link to the final piece for your
review….it could not have happened w/o the excellent combined support of
both Midwest and the folks at Magic Gadgets….thanks again for helping the
Pirates realize their vision.

Here is the video:


Here is how it went:

Jeff / Jeremy — we’re talking about borrowing (3) Flicker 2K Digital units from Magic Gadgets for our fire-light demo.  We’ll return the gear at the end of the tour.

Thanks so much!


These images are from Alex Buono’s Visual Storytelling workshop tour:

Thank you so much to Alex and his team for considering us to be a part of this learning experience! Check out the website!


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